Snuggly's Burrow

Flemish Giants and New Zealand Rabbits crossed breed

Shadow our buck rabbit


Shadow is our purebred Flemish Giant. Born on September 2011. He was a little wild when we got him, but we tamed him down and is very docile. If he stretch out on his hind legs he is 28 inch long

Shadow Digging

Shadow digging a burrow for Snuggly.

Although our rabbits are in outdoor cages, they do also get time outside the cage, and boy, do they love to dig.  The bigger the rabbit, the faster they can dig.



Snuggly is our first large rabbit. She is a cross breed of New Zealander with Flemish Giant. She was born on October 14, 2011.

Rabbit Winter Hutches

Currently our rabbits are inside the Barn. They have large hutches of 48x48 inch.
Every day, each rabbit get to run free in the barn to get their exercise.

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